// Motion ++ Sensors

Simple Machines

Motion ++ Simple Machines Slides (class slides about simple machines)

Robives website (animations of simple machines)


Choreographing LEDs with sensors & Arduino

How to use a breadboard Check this out if you haven’t used a breadboard before this class – it’s a very useful tutorial!

Arduino Blink Tutorial Basic tutorial for loading a sketch onto Arduino and making an LED blink on and off

Arduino Analog Input Tutorial Tutorial for hooking up a sensor (for example, a light sensor or photocell) to an Arduino, to change the speed of a blinking LED.

Arduino LED Fade Tutorial that explains how to use pulse width modulation (PWM) to produce a fading effect with an LED.


Pulse width modulation (PWM) Explains how analog-like outputs can be produced from a digital source (for example, fading an LED)

Voltage Dividers Explains how many analog sensors work to divide voltage between a circuit to a signal (or pin) and a circuit to ground.




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