// Final Projects

Final Projects : Fundamentals of Art with Technology

Overview: Students must work together in a group of two or more and develop a final project proposal. Proposals are due on November 10, 2014 at 9:00am. 

Each proposal should consist of 3-5 drawings or sketches and a proof of concept. The proof the concept can be a working circuit, digital model or basic working prototype. 

Each group must post to the Fundamentals of Art and Technology Class Blog their proposal idea, including:

  • Project description (What are you making? What concepts/ themes are you exploring or addressing?)
  • Each participant’s responsibilities towards the project’s development
  • Materials list
  • Schedule for completion

 In class on November 10, you will present a brief, 5 minute presentation of the work (think PechaKucha or elevator speech) which should include your description, proof of concept, and supporting materials.


Project criteria

Your project must include one or more of the processes or techniques we’ve covered in class, such as:

  • Processing
  • Kinetics
  • Projection Mapping
  • Electronics
  • Arduino
  • Simple Machines / Mechanical Motion
  • Motors
  • Some combination of the above

Your project can incorporate outside interests or other elements of your practice.

Your project can, but does not have to, incorporate imagery, data, or audio from the balloon mapping field trip.

Projects will be presented for critiques on the final day of class, December 15.


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