// Fabrication techniques

Fabrication Resources





Material sources (lights, motors, components, cables)



  • Review Fabrication resources
  • Develop plan for Time-Based Prototype
  • Locate & acquire materials for Time-Based Prototype


Time-Based Prototype: Motion/Gesture/Behavior

Last week, you explored abstractly and conceptually a motion, gesture or behavior that you’d like to work with for the remaining half of the semester. You have been introduced to and authorized for fabrication resources including the electronics and kinetics lab, the 3d printer and scanners, and the laser cutters, and have been exposed to some basic fabrication techniques. In class today, you discussed your initial sketches.

For homework this week, your task is to develop a plan for prototyping your gesture in a material manner. Your gesture can be expressed using light, motion, or sound. It can include any number of materials, but the focus should be on the gesture or behavior. You may choose to consider other static visual elements such as material or color if they support our experience of the gesture or motion, but remember, this is a prototype, and the focus of our discussion will address the behavior created through light or motion or sound.

We will have some studio time in the shop next week, but you should come prepared with a solid plan and any materials you will need to construct your prototype.

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