// Authorization ++ Soldering

Video tutorial

How to Solder


Reading Assignment

Please read and respond to Roy Ascott’s article, Beviourist Art and the Cybernetic Vision. Post your response on the class blog. Your response should be at least on paragraph (3-5 sentences). Responses can include critiques, questions, references to other texts or artists, links to videos or other artworks, and points of discussion.


Assignment: Motion Sketches

Identify a motion, gesture, or behavior you’d like to explore for your first project, and bring in a series of sketches exploring how that gesture can be expressed. Consider ways that an artwork can “perform.” How does it engage the viewer? What movements does it make? How can you describe the behavior? What are the essential elements needed to express this behavior?

Come to class next week with a series 10-12 sketches exploring the behavior you’ve chosen. Sketches can focus on what the behavior looks like, how it is expressed, what kind of ‘residue’ it leaves behind, or how it is enacted. Consider supplementing your sketches with any other research ephemera that supports your ideas, including images, articles, video, word lists, materials, etc. You are encouraged to think abstractly and conceptually during this first step in prototyping.

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