Final Project Props

Group: Kenny, Brian, Yen-Kai
Description: A turntable that doesn’t function as a means of emitting any form of sound, but light. It’s also an optical illusion. Using RGB LED strips, mirrors, and magic, the box of the turntable will be an infinity mirror. The spinning disk on top will also be an infinity mirror. There will be one switch to turn on the machine, and one or two twistable knobs to control speed of the spinning disk as well as the colors being emitted. The point of the project is to play with the viewers perception of space and light. Looking into a 4 inch tall box the viewer will perceive it as a never ending box. The disk on top will give the same illusion, but within the already established infinity mirror base.
Materials: Plexiglass, RGB LED strips, 12V power source, Arduino, Toggle switch, 81 RPM DC motor
Buy plexiglass
Design base to fit everything
Build it
Test it
Make adjustments
Present it

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