Final Project Proposal by Max, Koy, and Thomas


Project Description

We will be using a 3D printed hand that is moved by servos and controlled by a flex glove. We will also use projection mapping on the 3D printed hand that will project a color scale. The project will work on an integer system that is linked with the movement of the hand and the color scale that is being projected.

The idea for the color scale linked with the movement of the hand came from way of using processing with color scale. The way of using processing was done by moving a mouse that controlled a shape that had a color scale that was dependent on the placement of the mouse.

The concept/theme of the project is to combine physical movement/ awareness of physical movement with projection mapping.

Each participant’s responsibilities towards the project’s development


3D printing, wiring/coding for Flex glove


Fabrication of the Flex Glove


Coding for the Flex Glove, projection mapping

Materials list

ABS Filament



Airplane wire


Flex Sensors


Schedule for completion

3D Printed Hand

The function of the hand is already working at the stage needed for the project. The only thing needed to be done with the hand is refining a few areas to make the movement smoother.

Flex Glove

We are not sure on the amount of time this will take to create so most of the time will be spent on creating the flex glove.

Projection Mapping

We are not on the amount of time this will take to finish, but we will have more of an idea after learning how to do projection mapping.

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