Roy Ascott Response

Computers serve as a way to fully realize a piece of work. Roy Ascott speaks of going beyond the visual aspect within art, he says, “The one we propose is behavioural. This behavioural tendency dominates art now in all its aspects. The artist, the artifact and the spectator are all involved in a more behavioural context.” In with the bare planes, there’s a full realization that, yes, there is more of interactivity within the contemporary arts especially within computers, but to characterize this only within modern art is fully arguable. Architecture has been utilized since the beginning of civilization which humans have interacted with. Technology is always thriving, and architecture can be viewed as one of the themes within the technological revolution. The use of flying buttresses and keystones help architects design new ways to construct complex churches and buildings, which are just as interactive as technology now. Humans hear, breath, and dwell within these compounds and structures just like how people dwell within the technological world. Computers themselves have served a way to fully realize pieces of work, within a different perspective. Skills such as sign painting has become obsolete due to sticker vinyl prints which has created a cultural outrage in terms of how graphic design is viewed in such cheap demeaning practices such as vinyl. Though a program such as Photoshop have further proceeded in faster processes and has created a better way of designing pieces and printing them to the masses. Metal press and letterpress designs have been further actualized due to an easier way to customize and laser cut out the molds needed to print. Sculptural aspects such as 3D printing has welcomed more designers to push into the three–dimensional world though there’s been arguments on if actual sculpture such as metal work will become obsolete due to 3D printing. Technology by far is just as skillful as handcrafted work since they go hand in hand, though in some aspects technology has taken away some humanitarian personalities that have reflected from art for thousands of years. Currently the technology movement is still very young to predict but there will definitely be a moment in time in which art will revert back to a more handcrafted work due to some sort of movement that will force the world back to simpler times.

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