Roy Ascott Response

It’s not all that much of a surprise to me that this essay is still applicable today. The development of technology within the last couple decades has been dramatic.  The introduction of the computer into society has created an ongoing tech boom, launching the world into a state of a constant ‘new.’ The constant refreshment of technology has placed tech based art into a space lower understanding than it should have within the context of the art community as a whole because the conventions of this medium adds another language onto the dialogue of artistic creation.

Roy Ascott’s essay gives a look into the possibilities of Cyber art from the perspective of someone at the forefront of what in his time was new and radical. For him the idea of art with technology means more fluidity in “communication… feedback and viable interplay” which are the “content of [modern] art.” In many ways his projection has reached truth. This technology has capabilities to interact with the viewer on levels that have never been reached before. In some, it hasn’t.

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