Roy Ascott Response

Roy Ascott’s article from 1964 explores a shift in art and culture that we’re experiencing still today. He states Bio-cybernetics, the simulation of living processes, genetic manipulation, the behavioural sciences, automatic environments, together constitute an understanding of the human being which calls for and will in time produce new human values and a new morality. (4) As technology continues to become more and more powerful and immersive, it has staked a place in our societal understanding and expression of the world around us. On a physical level, the loop of the city of Chicago has computers at every block. Televisions in storefronts detail their latest wares, phones blare with constant streams of information and most money exists through debit and credit cards. The technology has brought a new speed, awareness and access to information that may not have existed. It now shapes our understanding of the world as Roy predicted 50 years ago.

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