Roy Ascott: Behaviourist Art and the Cybernetic Vision Response

The article had an interesting way of dealing with interactive art through the “spirits of cybernetics”. The reading did feel quite dense and easy to get lost in, but did have some interesting points. One that I found interesting is when he says, “there are still in this transitional period many artists who contrive to force new sensibility into old moulds.” I find this point interesting because I was trying to figure out if we are in this transitional period. I can think of two ways of looking at this quote, one being that an artist is taking the concept of interactive art but not embracing technology in the work. The other way I take this is the way we use technology as an advancement to reach our goals. For example, I feel 3D printing is a new way to go about making sculpture. Using code to make drawings, in the end they are still drawings just on a new platform with more advanced technology. I am not sure if we are forcing new sensibilities into old molds or just changing the platform in which we embrace that older mold to show these new sensibilities of interactive art.

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