Response to the reading (Min)

It was interesting to read through his navigation of what aspect of art based on technology expands on the next possibility of art world. I have always thought that the strength of modern art is the aspect that’s open for interaction which finds and develops the potential of itself. Among the varied categories, especially the art based on technology seems to be the most accessible area for non-art related spectators for me due to its distinctive movement and process which requires basis on human behavior. The way that he organizes the different art forms and illustrate the details comes very fascinating for me since I wasn’t fully aware of myself being attracted to interactive art pieces much. According to Roy Ascott, not only the fact that the interaction associated with art pieces brings a behavior to spectators, but also that it reflects back on art pieces and starts to be a perpetuating element itself leaves so much potential on as which art could function. I think that’s the most powerful way of validating the artists’ intention, thought and existence.

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